Friday, February 23, 2018

To all Americans! You are needed NOW! To all nesaranews readers and the millions who see this post elsewhere on other websites! Paul Revere is screaming for you!

This has gone on long enough! 1868 to 1871 the corporation U.S. UNITED STATES aka VIRGINIA Company was hired to provide 19 governmental services to the people and due to the 1861 DeJure Congress sine die when the south walked out and an insufficient number of people for quorum remained to adjourn and schedule next meeting.

I hear people screaming about their treatment by the foreign DeFacto Corporation's taxes and unjust laws of the sea being enforced against them daily and spending untold amounts of time and energy fighting within their system for a shred of justice. Usurpation. So many people are fighting the symptoms of the problem but almost nobody is going after the cure! Stop playing big pharma with trying to use their internal regulations and rules against them by fighting the symptoms of the problem and making them wealthy. Going to jail and/or paying fines for victim-less crimes takes a lot of time and money away from your life and family.

Yes we put Donald Trump in the CEO position of that foreign corporation so he can drain the swamp and return the power back to the people. Reference this 15 second video clip: . Donald trump cannot complete his promised job until we the people assemble to take that power. The Pentagon is complying with orders issued from the lawful civilian authority. Donald Trump being president is due to a result of those orders. The orders were issued several years ago. Reference this link for a partial list of what was issued to the Pentagon.

Trump must be careful how he brings these monsters to a stop. Remember this is all interlaced like a complex machine that some parts are needed that would be badly effected by other parts halted. Cause and effect. Trump knows this and it is a nightmare to figure out the best way to shut things down without having adverse effect elsewhere.

What would work the best that is out of Trump's jurisdiction and control would be the people returning to self governance via the county and state assemblies so the entire machine can be overseen and dismantled with the assemblies stepping in at the appropriate time. That would make for a smooth transition with minimal catastrophe. It all hinges around all of us getting our county assemblies up and running! We had 59 callers on the conference call tonight! That is pathetically small number! We need to add a couple zeros to that number and fast!

The Florida school shooting was staged by the criminals within that hired foreign corporation and took 17 beautiful lives from us! 9-11 and all the false flags that have happened will continue until a majority of county and state assemblies are resettled! At this time Michigan is the only declared DeJure state with all it's land settled with assemblies. False flag attacks don't happen in Michigan because of this. Michigan has an unrebutted lawfull body politic of We THE People assembled that can and will hold them accountable for any injury upon anyone on Michigan land. This is the cure for the cancer known as the hired foreign U.S. corporation in D.C. You want it gone? Get assembled! Resettle your land jurisdiction! It is a lot easier and healthier to do this than to keep fighting the endless fight against the symptoms! 

If you want the power Trump is trying to return to the people then get it done so you can receive that power! Conference calls for assistance is every Thursday evening at 9pm Eastern time.
1-712-770-4160, access code 226823# 

If you cannot make that call then at least send an email to with your state in the subject line. First name and email address is required. If you choose to include any additional contact info that is up to you. Your information will only be shared with coordinators for your county or state assembly. Nobody else will have access.  

If you cannot be active in doing the work then you can at least be counted as a number for your county assembly. Generally 1 tenth of members are active. But the numbers is what allows for the steps to become a settled county and state assembly. The Handbook and resettling of the counties is proven safe and effective. No goons or badge wearers will interfere or harm you in the process and guidelines outlined in the handbook. Nobody goes to jail for peacefully following the footsteps of our founding fathers. Feds are aware of it and declared it lawful. Your county, your family, your life, your freedom, your assembly.
So there is no excuse to not be involved.

Email or be on that call or watch America fail. Donald Trump cannot do it by himself. Donald Trump is our inside operative. It is up to us the people. It is that simple. Sorry to be blunt but we are running out of time! This post will be reposted next Thursday as a reminder.

Sandy Hook Kids Alive And Spilling The Beans! Boom! - emailed by a reader

 Sandy Hook Kids Alive And Spilling The Beans! Boom!

HUGE interview today I'm sharing from Wolfgang Halbig and Jim Fetzer.
Wolfgang has just proven Sandy Hook was a total hoax!  He's talking to
several of the students who they said died!   This will BLOW your MIND!


Sandy Hoax Kids Alive and Spilling Beans! Boom!

Click this link so story goes viral there too!  Thank you for your support!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Continuity of Evidence and The Time Line You All Need to Know:

By Anna Von Reitz

In 1998, James and I gave Notice to the Pope that our states and people were never bankrupt and that this entire scam and Breach of Trust against our country was objected to in the strongest terms possible.
In 2008, we and about 900 other Americans served final Due Process concerning the Great Fraud to Pope Benedict XVI. We provided clear and convincing material evidence of the fraud, of the Due Process given to the Church and the British Monarch, and the harm done to our states and people and to the whole world.
On June 12th, 2011, the Romanus Pontifex was officially collapsed and terminated, via Ritus Mandamus and Ritus Probatum (Public Register Number 983210-331235-01004).
As a result, all claims to own the land and land assets were released by the Crown and the door opened for remedy and reclamation and restoration of the usurped national governments and the people's private property rights.
We can no longer be considered paupers or wards of the state or bankrupts and may freely correct all falsified public records and reclaim our assets out of the gigantic slush pile-- both as states and as people.
Accordingly, we placed UCC Notices and Private Notices both before and after the collapse of the Romanus Pontifex reclaiming the land assets being held "in trust" by the Municipal and Territorial Government corporations for the actual states and people.
Remember that you and everything associated with you including your names and trademarks and accounts are all land assets. We aren't just talking about physical soil descriptions or ownership-- we are talking about the literal ownership of your body and name and everything you think you own being reclaimed and returned to you and your lawful states.
This was the beginning of a long, long process of claims and verification and recordings and registrations, and central to the validity of the claims and the standing to bring the claims is what lawyers call "the continuity of the evidence".
The Belle Chers have been sovereigns in their own right in France since 480 A.D. and in England since 1087 A.D. and in America since 1777 A.D. That is what is meant by "continuity of the evidence"-- a claim by right established by inheritance or conquest or election maintained over time in continuity. In this case- continuity in office as sovereigns in their own right.
The claim of a sovereign person made in behalf of a sovereign people having continuity of office pre-dating all of the nonsense of the American Civil War and a sovereignty pre-dating the establishment of the Unum Sanctum Trust by 800 years, trumps all claims that can be made by any politician, lawyer, cleric, or other individual at all, including the Queen of England, who is in fact only a co-sovereign on English soil.
To put it bluntly, when push came to shove and every other system meant to protect you all was either failing to respond or was actively seeking to enslave and harm you, the Hereditary Head of State took action to bust the fraud and reclaim all the assets of the sovereign nation-states for the nation-states and also established Equal Protection Claims for each and every one of you.
For that, you can be very glad, but it does not mean that you can just sit on your rumps and wiggle your legs like babies waiting to be fed. You all need to correct the falsified public records and reclaim your names and trademarks and other assets--- and be aware that until you do, there will still be sharks in the water trying to rip you off.
The most typical form of this fraud will be offers to give you a bribe in exchange for unwittingly donating your Good Name and Estate to the perpetrators--- and restart the same old Babylonian slave system again. It won't be presented as a bribe, but that is what it is, and it is a bribe using stolen property, your stolen property along with property belonging to many others, alive and dead.
Keep your Shinola Sensors set on "High Alert" until this Mess gets straightened out.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

Warning About Increased Vermin Activity

By Anna Von Reitz

Warning About Increased Vermin Activity
They are swarming now. Just visualize all the rats running from the ships down "rat-lines"--- big ropes -- willy-nilly into the water and onto the docks, and then back onto the ships and then mashing about with all the cockroaches that have similarly been disturbed..... its mass confusion.
You will hear many queer rumors and offers and there will be know-nothing quacks all over the internet seeking to sell you Shinola. Have none of it.
You must be very careful about signing anything now and vigilant about people making "offers" of any kind--- including "summons" to courts, "Notices of Liens" and other such veiled offers to contract that appear to be demands or obligations.
A summons to a court is not an obligation of yours, so long as you timely object to it. A "Notice of Lien" is not a lien, and anyone enforcing a presumed lien on the basis of such a Notice is engaged in fraud and racketeering that needs to be reported to the local police and magistrates. This includes banks that are in the habit of using NOL's as an excuse to let their own IRS Bill Collectors pillage ACCOUNTS in their behalf instead of requiring an actual Court Order.
A summons to "Jury Duty" as part of a jury pool you don't naturally belong to, such as a jury for a Territorial or MUNICIPAL COURT, is not only moot, you would be committing a crime to answer it, beyond replying that you are not a "voter" and not a "US citizen".
Same thing with filing 1040 Forms which require you to swear under penalty of perjury that you are a "Withholding Agent"--- a warrant officer in the Queen's Merchant Marine Service. Once you know what a "Withholding Agent" is, you can't very well claim to be one, can you?
Your signature is in many ways your most precious possession, so guard it well. Always copyright it by using a "by-line" when you sign anything--that is, write it like this:
by: James Allen Jones (c)
-and you can also use the "c" enclosed by a circle after your signature to indicate that you own the copyright.
This prevents or provides for punishment of the vermin if they then use your signature in any inappropriate way, such as making false claims against your assets.
Be on your guard, people, and follow along with the logic of things so that you aren't taken unaware or sucked into something that merely appears to have authority or merely appears to be a good deal.
See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

Bundys, Rod Class, and Michigan General Jural Assembly News

By Anna Von Reitz

1. Regarding the Bundys calling for an American Common Law Court to try their case: 

Everyone who has had a Birth Certificate issued in their NAME has to take action to correct the false legal presumptions that that creates.  

As things stand, the Bundys and the others have never corrected their status and so still stand subject to federal courts. That doesn't mean they can't bring their case to American Common Law Courts, too--- but it doesn't solve the problem, which is federal over-reach and false presumption and racketeering based on falsified public records kept on each one of us.  

Worse, there probably aren't enough people in that county who have corrected their status to form a jury pool of their "peers"---yet.    

There has to be an entire education and organization process to even form the court necessary--- to elect the justices of the peace, to elect a clerk, a bailiff, a bondsmen, a coroner, and most importantly, a sheriff knowledgeable enough and willing to enforce the Public Law.  And Deputies acting in lawful capacity to support him. 

I am not saying that all this shouldn't be done or couldn't be done--- it must be done, and the sooner the better all over this country,  but Trump's Administration also has to co-operate and recognize the proper jurisdiction of the people and the court, which is just as big a problem and educational effort. Yes, most Federales are just as dumb or dumber about all this stuff as we have been. 

Take a deep breath and plod forward---- learning and teaching as you go.  Which reminds me-- this is Thursday.  That means that there is a national conference call sponsored by the Michigan General Jural Assembly tonight

National Conference Call: 9 PM EST, call in number: 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.  Help to set up local county jural assemblies at their website:   and via their hotline from 2 to 7 PM ESTMonday through Thursday, at 1-989-450-5522.

2.  The Rod Class Supreme Court victory announced yesterday is important, but not yet getting to what I had hoped--- the constitutionality of the statute.  Instead, this is a preliminary challenge (I knew about it, but thought it had already been resolved) to clear the way to make the constitutional challenge.

Here is the actual meat of the SOTUS decision yesterday:

Held: A guilty plea, by itself, does not bar a federal criminal defendant from challenging the constitutionality of his statute of conviction on direct appeal.

So even if you plead guilty to the facts of a statutory charge, and even if you are a "federal citizen" you can still come back on appeal and challenge the constitutionality of the statute.  That's good to have established and many people who have been railroaded will be able to find their voice again because of it. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

About the Florida school shooting and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a huge heart when children are harmed and /or in need. I remember several times Donald Trump has graciously helped children without being asked. I remember specifically 2 times. One was the little girl on the Maurey Show that Donald Trump gifted with a large check with many zeros. A second time when a young girl in California needed dire medical attention from a New York hospital and nobody would fly her. Donald Trump sent his plane to do it at a cost around $93K if I remember right. Donald asked for nothing in return.

I believe Donald Trump is furious about the school shooting and he KNOWS who and what is behind it. You just have some patients because Donald will put a stop to this and mark my words! The fur is going to fly! The deep state is in trouble.
I would not be surprised if he goes as far as removing all restrictions to guns and makes sure all Americans are armed.

Do not doubt Donald Trump. He is a master at chess and he has a plan brewing. Justice will be served and it will be served very cold.


Join in with the National Assembly Training Conference Call Information Supporting the De Facto to De Jure Handbook and reforming your county jural assembly- As promoted by Anna Von Reitz!

National Assembly Conference Call
For Information
(Sponsored by Michigan General Jural Assembly=MGJA)
Welcome to the National Assembly Conference Call – This is the next step in acquiring accurate information to assist you in settling your county and state.
Please follow the steps outlined here to access this important educational conference call.
Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening:
6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain
8pm Central – 9pm Eastern

Call Number: 1-712-770-4160

Participant Access Code: 226823#

Cast off the Dark of Night

Dust off your Constitution
And read your Bill of Rights
Make this your Resolution
To cast off the Dark of Night

Each one can make a difference
Each one can bring some Light
Each one can do their part
To cast off the Dark of Night

Yes you can make a difference
I pray that you will join the Fight
You have skills Creator gave you
Help us end the Dark of Night

So form your own Assemblies
And join us in the fight
County Township, State and Local
Well cast off the Dark of Night

[VIDEO] FL Shooting Hero Calls Out CNN, 'Scripted Questions'

The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!

By Anna Von Reitz

Forgive me a little tongue in cheek, but I figure that raising the alarm is appropriate.  America: Some Assembly Required is available on
Our little monograph is being promoted  and reviewed as "explosive"--- "Intellectual C4 for the patriot movement" and "a powerful indictment of world government gone mad." 
Not what I expected to accomplish when I set out to give Donald Trump a blow-by-blow sound-bite version of the business history of America.  I just thought that, being a business man, he would more likely understand things in terms of business names and relationships, contracts, mergers, hostile take-overs, frauds, identity thefts, bankruptcies, and other concepts already in his professional tool-box. 
I also knew that he needed to get it fast, so I de-constructed it all into small bits that build up like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle forming the overall picture.  Big concepts, but small bites. 
For those who are prepared to consume it in 30-second bites and wait for the overall picture to snap into view, this is turning out to be far more successful than I could hope.  
I have people all over the world digesting the real history of this country and understanding it----quickly, often in only an hour or two.  Considering how many years it took to delve out the information, that's totally amazing. And gratifying. 
Time for a personal moment, a kick-back in the old office chair, and think--- the number of people who truly understand what went on here, has taken an exponential leap, a geometric progression is in engaged.  
Thousands upon thousands of people are learning the business history of our country in the quiet of their own homes. They are putting the pieces together for themselves.  They are "getting a handle on it".  
Thanks to this most recent exercise, America: Some Assembly Required, they are doing so in record time.  

Names, Capacities, and Jurisdictions

By Anna Von Reitz

People keep stumbling over certain issues related to identity and function in society, yet we are or should all be pretty familiar with these concepts.

A true Proper Name in the English Language can only have two parts for grammatical reasons: John Doe. Prior to the late 18th and 19th century people used either this two-part Proper Name, like John Doe or John Adams or Benjamin Franklin--- or a descriptive name: Anne of Green Gables, Sydney McClure (equals "Sydney of the Clure Clan"), Anna von Reitzensten (equals "Anna from Reitzenstein"), Ole Johnson (equals "Ole John's Son"), Mick the Fishmonger, Emil the Stout, Mark the Younger Scribe, and so on.

In the late 1700's and 1800's the world began to change and the scope of travel and business dealings enlarged. Suddenly, or so it seemed, you could have ten John Browns all living within ten miles of each other, and then what is a poor merchant to do, when he can't tell one "John Brown" from another? The answer was the creation of the Trade Name, which we are all familiar with as a name with one or more middle names: John Michael Doe.

In the rush to very explicitly and uniquely identify themselves, it became fashionable for royals and nobles to have several middle names, usually chosen to honor dead family members or to give equal billing to the maternal line of the family: James Wilmington Clintwood-Smythe, Lorian Faythe Blair, William Perry Pennesfield, Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Wilkes Booth, Louisa Sophia Margaret Olafson, and so on.

John Doe is a Proper Name.
John Michael Doe is a Trade Name.

The Trade Name is the first example we have of a "Capacity Name"--- a name, which when used, indicates the "social capacity" in which one is acting. The use of a middle name expressed in Upper and Lower Case indicates that one is engaging in trade -- unincorporated business of some kind, either local or international. It has also been called the "Public Name" in that this is the name used to identify you for public purposes, as opposed to "Winky-Stinky-Dinkums" or whatever your Mother used to call you at home.

Capacity can be thought of as an occupational or functionary label. The use of a Trade Name identifies you as a Trader, in the same way that using the title "Mister" identifies you as a warrant officer or midshipman in the Queen's Merchant Marines or Navy, respectively, or the label "Bartender" pegs your job at a party.

And as you saw yesterday, other styles of NAMES have been used to indicate other capacities: JOHN MICHAEL DOE is a foreign (Puerto Rican) GRANTOR TRUST, JOHN DOE is a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION (Ward of the State) and JOHN W. DOE is a Domestic (Territorial United States) Transmitting Utility---- all of them feeding off of your natural estate, and none of them belonging to you.

Every time they lay another "moniker" on you, you have a choice, to accept or to refuse "service".

Now, what I suggest is that you add a new Certificate of Assumed Name to the pile every time the crooks come up with a new variation of Name or NAME for you, and you will be seeing plenty of variations as they desperately seek to "get a handle on you"--- as in a Citizen's Broadband "handle"---a radio nickname.

Just keep on claiming up those variations of your name and keep on smiling. Sooner or later the rats in Whitehall and Washington will realize that their scheme is not being allowed anymore and the cost and burden of constantly trying to dream up and file new paperwork on even a few million names will become utterly insurmountable.

They won't be able to continue on with their fun and games and false legal presumptions and meanwhile, millions more people will wise up and realize what the vermin are doing and take action to defend themselves and their families from this sneaky form of identity theft.

Other than the cost and irritation of adding another Certificate of Assumed Name to your pile of intellectual property assets all properly and permanently domiciled on the land and soil of the state where you were born, there is no cost to you and each time this happens, you gain control of another valuable asset.

The style of the name also indicates the jurisdiction in which it is operating. The Upper and Lower Case Names operate on the International Land Jurisdiction and operate in International Trade. The all-capitals NAMES are all foreign (with respect to us) and are all incorporated franchises of one kind or another, operating in international commerce.

The way to think of this is that Trade Names are "corporate" in the same way that a private business like "Taylor and Jones Clothiers" is "corporate" without being "incorporated". Such businesses operate under complete liability and are privately owned and as such have no obligations and no privileges owed to the public, because they have no public charter.

The NAMED entities by contrast are all franchises incorporated under public charters issued by parent corporations like the "STATE OF ALASKA" and "USA, Inc." and "DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE", and they are publicly owned and owe public duties in exchange for public privileges and benefits --- until such time as they are returned "home" to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of your native birth state, at which time they are "converted" ---this time lawfully-- to the ownership of the actual states and people.

Maxim of Law: "As a thing is bound, so it is unbound."

Your Estates were unlawfully converted into public trust properties. It's up to you to convert them right back to being private property.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

President Trump Holds a Listening Session with High School Students and ...

Gun Grabbers Are Idiots; Pay Them No Mind

By Anna Von Reitz

I'm sorry, but it's true. These people have no grasp on real life at all, and if they did, they would already be down at the gun shop, signing up for gun safety courses, buying their own guns, buying ammo, and preparing to protect themselves, their families, their children, and their neighbors.
They would be attending School Board and City Council Meetings and banging their fists and demanding funding for Security Guard contingents in every school in America.
But instead they want to take our guns away from us, and "infringe" upon our rights to protect ourselves and our families.
I personally think that every Democrat and Progressive and Communist in America who wants to give up their guns should be allowed to do so. And they should be made to pay a hefty tax for leaving the responsibility for their own protection up to our police and to their more intelligent neighbors.
Think about just HOW stupid these people really are and where the logic of what they are saying goes.....
Let's outlaw chain saws. Why not? They have been used to commit murders. Plenty of them. Also nail guns, flame throwers, gas cans, kitchen knives, shovels, coffee creamer, straws, Coke bottles-- no, stop, ALL glass bottles have to be outlawed, because criminals have used them to cause mass death in bar brawls for over two hundred years.
The realistic solution to school shootings is to: (1) give them NO publicity and (2) put retired military and police to work guarding our schools. Period. End of story. A few hundred thousand added to most school budgets is peanuts to pay to protect our kids and put an end to this fad.
This is not about gun control It's about people control--- and until we can guarantee 100% sanity in every community across America, the only way we can keep our children safe at school is by guarding them.
Ever notice that these shootings NEVER take place in locations where there are armed security guards? Never.
And why is that? Because the vermin would be dead before they lit the place up. That's why. It's that simple. They know enough to stay away from places that have armed security guards. They may be crazy, but not that crazy.
Come on, folks. We learned this lesson a long time ago, back in the Wild West.
You arm everyone. Teach everyone how to shoot. Give everyone a handgun and a rifle. Just like they do in Switzerland. And then if anyone starts shooting up your town or your school, you pull out your iron and plug the Crazy Coot in the head or wherever else you can hit him. You come at him from all sides and you make a pin-cushion out of him.
And if he survives, you bring him to trial and the jury hears the evidence, and they declare him guilty, and the judge declares that he shall be hung by the neck until dead in the public square next Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Bring your picnic baskets.
And your shooting irons. Please.

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

Isaac Green (Anti-School): Details Florida False Flag Shooting Including Crisis Actor David Hogg

Tucker Carlson Goes Off: It’s Not ‘Gun Control’ It’s ‘People Control’ (VIDEO)

Wednesday, February 21, 2018



The Kinks - Catch Me Now I'm Falling

Crisis Actors in the Florida 'Shooting'

The TRUTH About Crisis Actors
in the Florida 'Shooting'

Published on Feb 21, 2018
Alex Jones and Milo expose the truth behind the claim that children have been coached, such as crisis actors, after the Florida shooting to manipulate media reports and push anti-gun, anti-Trump politics. 

Good News from Friends in the Territorial/Municipal Trenches

From Anna Von Reitz

This announcement just came in from Rod Class --  he has won his Supreme Court Case which was argued October 4, 2017 by Jessica Amunson of Jenner and Block, Washington, DC.  Court case ID:  16-424 Class v. United States, decided today, February 21, 2018

It was a six to three decision with Breyer, Roberts, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Gorsuch vindicating, Alito, Kennedy, and Thomas dissenting. 
The Dropbox Link to today's Supreme Court Decision is here:
The Link is in this Folder:
As many of you may recall, Rod Class was arrested in DC, simply for having firearms in his car.  Things got nasty and convoluted, as such things tend to do, and finally distilled into this Supreme Court action
And here is the Dropbox link to the transcript of the oral arguments for those of you (like me) who prefer to read it and/or have a copy in written form.  
Rod has been on the forefront of the effort to limit government over-reaches and get to the root of the problem of mis-administration for many years now.  He has also trained many Private Attorney Generals to defend people who have been improperly addressed and attacked in federal and federated state courts. 
It's too early for me to assess the impact of this latest win as I haven't had time to review the transcript and think it through,  but given the background, we can guess that it will lend substantial credence and strength to individual property rights claims, including gun rights, and may also underscore freedom to travel. 
See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

Performance at the Olympics

Congressional criminals - at the last minute

The End of the Great Fraud Begins Here and Now

By Anna Von Reitz

The institutionalized fraud we are all wrestling with started in earnest in 1933-34 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt arbitrarily allowed foreign powers to presume that all our Trade Names were instead US Foreign Situs Trusts, and subject to salvage for the debts of the bankrupt United States of America, Inc. 

Let's pretend you are an American race horse called "Yankee Flyer" and some sharpies decide to pretend that you are a donkey called "Yankee Flyer" instead. 

Now, these same con men are responsible for caring for a donkey named "Yankee Flyer" but that doesn't imply that they actually own the donkey or the horse, either, does it?  

What FDR did was make a false claim of ownership by induced assumption of both the donkey and the horse.  And all he was, was a stable boy.  

I am publishing a diagram with this article, and I have to admit that I don't know the source of the diagram---which is absolutely excellent teaching aid, so I hope the creator will forgive me and agree with the Fair Use Clause. 

This diagram shows that your Trade Name, also called your Given Name, which your parents gifted you with when you were born, is smack-dab in the center of the whole fraud scheme and that the spin-off NAMES that have been created since then all derive from it---and all infringe upon your natural Common Law Copyright. 

You will also note that this Trade Name is listed as "lost at sea".  It's "lost" because it hasn't been claimed and its permanent domicile on the land and soil of the state where you were born hasn't been declared.  Once it is declared and entered upon the public record of the land recording office as a Deed of Re-Conveyance your Trade Name is no longer "lost at sea" but stands proudly on the land and soil of your literal nativity for all to see. 

Why a Deed of Re-Conveyance?  

Because FDR dragged all our names into the international jurisdiction of the sea and trafficked us to his creditors.  He placed our names in international jurisdiction of the sea, so we have to go through the turkey trot of returning, that is, re-conveying, our Trade Names back to the land and soil jurisdiction we are heir to. 

For example:

"I, the living man known as Jonathan Taylor Smyth, hereby acknowledge, accept, and re-convey all right, title, and interest in my given Trade Name, and all derivative NAMES in all variations, styles, permutations, and punctuation(s) to their permanent domicile on the land and soil of Georgia, one of the unincorporated and sovereign states belonging to The United States of America, Unincorporated, as of my actual day of nativity July 4, 1955.  So witnessed, signed and sealed by my hand this 5th day of  April 2018: Jonathan Taylor Smyth" --(with a red-ink right thumbprint touching but not obscuring the autograph). 

This correction of the public record establishes the identity and political status and provenance of the "vessel" called "Jonathan Taylor Smyth" and leaves absolutely no room for legal presumption otherwise. 

Of course, you have to plug your own Trade Name into this formula, and substitute your own names and dates and places.  You also need to know that for the purposes of a Deed you will have to identify the Grantor and the Grantee and give a return address outside of the Territorial United States on the cover sheet accompanying the "Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Deed of Re-Conveyance". 

In all cases, the GRANTOR is going to be the ESTATE name and the Grantee is going to be identified as the American State Grantee.  In the example it would be: 
FOREIGN GRANTOR TRUST: JONATHAN TAYLOR SMYTH and the American State Grantee: Jonathan Taylor Smyth.  

I am including an example of the Recording Cover Sheet I use.  You will note that the top half of the page is left blank for the inclusion of date stamps and recording numbers that will be used to track the record.  You will also see that I use my unique Coat of Arms as a device identifying my properly, but you could use any such device that you have recorded ownership of--- a design of your own making, a cattle brand that you own, a signet seal that you have recorded ownership of--- or you could just dispense with that and have no design at all.  

You will also note that my address is "in care of".  All the postal addresses that people commonly use are "within the United States", which is another trap.  So, the convenient answer to this is to convert the US Mail address to an "in care of" address so that your status as unincorporated sovereign owner is kept separated from any commercial status assumptions.  

Congratulations!  You can now literally see the web that has been woven around your hapless Trade Name, and you have been given the tools necessary to reclaim your purloined assets and return them to their natural political status. This is the beginning of the end of the Great Fraud. 

Welcome home! 

PS.  For those who have had trouble recording your paperwork this should put an end to that problem.  There isn't a land recording office on Earth that can refuse a Deed of Re-Conveyance, and once this primary Deed is established, you can add all the other pieces to it as Extensions. 

See this article and over 800 others on Anna's website here:

For The Legal Eagles -- Certificate of Live Birth Synopsis

By Anna Von Reitz

Here's the full-boat legalese explanation of the Diagram of the Fraud I provided to all of you either directly or via my website:

A Certificate of Live Birth synopsis: the COLB is a private placement security for a landed mineral estate in expectancy that became a escheated alien estate initiated from a bifurcation of the title in a co-terminus adoption; this now incidental adoption created an incidental beneficiary/ heir: me, myself and I. To become the protected purchaser as an inevitable necessity as the acting special executer, the alienation/surrender by jus dispondi becoming the spoilated/naked owner to assign the reversionary interest over of the final accounting ledger to execute the livery of the siesen and thus release the expectancy

The "private placement" happened when your Mother was deceived and/or coerced into turning your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" (you were a minor and therefore in expectancy) over for "adoption" by the State of State/STATE OF STATE, which split (bifurcated) title to your "landed mineral estate in expectancy" between themselves, with the State of State keeping the equitable title and the STATE OF STATE keeping legal title to "You".  They then created the NAMES to occupy the capacities of "me, myself and I"--- and have run those PERSONS for their own profit.  Your Estate is alienated/surrendered to the vermin to become the ESTATE, with your "missing, lost at sea, presumed dead" Trade Name becoming the despoiled owner.  In order to assign the reversionary trust interest you have to come back from the dead by re-conveying your Trade Name to the land and soil of the actual state and reclaim your escheated estate. 

And all this crappola has been going on behind your backs for generations, all cooked up by the Hired Help, promoted and enforced by the members of the Bar Associations, and all allowed by the Popes and British Monarchs operating in Gross Breach of Trust. 

The Truth is that your states and their union known as The United States of America were never part of the so-called Civil War.  You and your states and your Union are innocent Third Parties and Protected Persons who should have been unaffected by all the in-fighting among the Hired Help. 

Instead, by fraud, by similar names deceits, by unlawful conversion, by conspiracy against the Constitution(s), by identity theft, by racketeering against babies, by kidnapping and trafficking, by inland piracy, by "genocide on paper" the Hired Help has contrived to rob you of your identity, property, and heritage, while relieving themselves of their moral and contractual obligations to each and every one of you. 

Are you mad yet? 

Prepare For Big Anti-Gun Propaganda Push

Prepare For Big Anti-Gun Propaganda Push

Published on Feb 20, 2018
For quite some time we have witnessed the establishment media in concert with tech giants and democratic politicians roll out weaponized talking points. Seemingly organic buzzwords appear to warn of threats to our democracy. Who or what exactly is behind these propaganda campaigns and how can we spot them? 

 Sheriff Scott Israel Will Not Go Along With A Cover-Up 

Published on Feb 15, 2018
Roger Stone says Sheriff Scott Israel is a non-political, by the book man of law with enormous integrity.

FBI, Demo-RATS and Deep State - will they get away with this AGAIN?

After Blaming Trump
School Shooting Survivor David Hogg’s 
Dirty Secret Was Just Exposed

Published on Feb 20, 2018
Immediately after the Florida school shooting, the mainstream media was lining up to interview student survivor David Hogg, who condemned President Donald Trump and demanded gun control. However, the media once again prove they’re nothing more than “fake news” now that Hogg’s dirty little secret has been exposed.

As soon as the left-leaning MSM caught wind of an active shooter at Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they immediately began looking for ways to push their anti-gun narrative. Before the bodies of murdered children could even be collected and identified, the leftist media were sniffing out vulnerable student survivors to use as political props in their twisted agenda.

Expectedly, there has been no shortage of impressionable, confused teens to tug at the heartstrings of the masses while demanding the very political scheme that has led to an increase in mass shootings and the number of casualties. At the forefront of this anti-gun call to action is David Hogg, an incredibly articulate, passionate survivor who’s not only advocating for gun control but vehemently placing all blame on President Donald Trump for the school shooting.

Plastered across every major liberal newspaper is Hogg’s face and commentary, which invokes fury at Trump and his supporters as well as a rallying cry for gun control. From the Associated Press to CNN to BuzzFeed to Vox, Hogg has been hoisted upon a platform, echoing the exact rhetoric that ultra-liberal politicians have been spewing for decades. Unfortunately for him, his innocent and spirited demeanor are hiding something sinister.

Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg has been caught not only echoing scripted interviews to demand gun control but has even admitted during one of his tirades defending the FBI and lambasting President Trump that his father “is a former FBI agent.” In a series of videos, Hogg can be seen stumbling over his lines, repeatedly asking for re-takes, mouthing the lines he wishes to recite, and even appearing heavily coached.

A recently leaked early cut from one of his interviews shows Hogg practicing what appears to be a rehearsed script before becoming flustered multiple times at forgetting his exact lines.

One compilation showcases many other instances of interviews in which Hogg seems to be reading directly from either a script or cue cards, while another segment features Hogg delivering passionate slogans, portraying what appears to be a cut-and-diced political commercial.

“I think it’s disgusting, personally. My father’s a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life,” proclaimed David Hogg to CNN. “It’s wrong that the president is blaming them for this,” he added.

“He can’t put that off on them. He is in charge of them and these people, what they love to do is push this off on bureaucracy and say it’s not them,” he said. “He is in charge of the FBI … the executive branch is supposed to enforce laws and as such, President Trump is in charge of that and the FBI.”