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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Senator John McCain AGAIN is attracting attention

PizzaGate Money Trail Leads to McCain
We are not at all surprised - at you?!

Published on Jun 5, 2017
'The McCain Institute' claims it exists to fight human trafficking but despite receiving millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, the Rothschilds and Bloomberg, it has been revealed that none of the money was spent on fighting human trafficking.

Funds from the McCain Presidential Campaign were also quietly funneled into the McCain Institute’s coffers raising the possibility the Institute exists as a money laundering front. David Zublick reveals the horrible truth in this special report!

What more evidence is it going to take before the 'authorities' FINALLY BEGIN THE ROUNDUPS and PROSECUTION of these crooks, thieves, shysters, TRAITORS, liars and betrayers to our nation? Has America not 'had enough' yet?!

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  1. Mc Cain is a piece of shit but Secessions is also a bad guy . He's wanting to violate the constitution attacking states rights. He want's to prosecute people for grass in states that have lawful use. That's an act of war! He has to know that?