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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Your Help Is Needed

By Anna Von Reitz

Your Help Is Needed

To make sure that this business is carried forward properly and that the claims of the living people are honored requires a great deal of diligence, skill, and not a small amount of money tied up in the cost of correspondence, recording fees, claims, establishment of liens, and other work that I and other members of the Living Law Firm have to do ---free gratis except for donations--- for every state and every American. 

It isn't cheap nor is it easy. 

I have once again been saddled with several thousand dollars of filing fees and related expenses undertaken in behalf of this entire country and its people and though I do not regret the loss in behalf of the cause, I nonetheless have to keep the lights on and the printers going. 

I am also burdened down in heart today as I have learned that my own faithful Paralegal, my companion in all that has transpired, is suffering from heart failure and in need of a special procedure and health program that will cost in excess of $10,000.00 to start. 

It is rare in human history when so few have accomplished so much for so many. Not everyone is able or suited to act as an advocate in the arenas where we have ventured, but everyone can contribute a few pesos toward the final end, which is nothing less than the establishment of global freedom that is actual as opposed to being an unkept and cynical promise. 

If you can, please spare a small donation toward these expenses. 

My Paypal account is: avannavon@gmail.com

My address is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.


  1. I will gladly open my pocketbook when you can prove what you are doing is accomplishing anything, e.g., any court that has recognized the law you espouse. Otherwise, you are taking money as fraudulently as the corporate government.

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    2. It's not mean, it is realistic and practical. Do you know how many gurus have come and gone over the last 40 years professing to know how to fix a broken system? You need to learn discretion, and my discretionary choice is to help someone who actually accomplishes something toward fixing this system, not someone who loads the internet and this blog with as may useless word as this fake judge does. Remember the old adage (and it is a wise one): "Actions speak louder than words." Fake judge show me you have something that works and I will support you wholeheartedly. I really suspect you will just quietly fade away like so many other people who have asked for money and nothing will change.

    3. I am wondering what you people are going to think and do when this CURRENT FAKE GOVERNMENT and FAKE COURT SYSTEM are FULLY EXPOSED to ALL you uninformed people??? And the TRUE GOVERNMENT - the Republic - is brought forth publically and the TRUE COURT SYSTEM - common law - which ANNA is well educated with - is brought forth publically. Are you people going to rebel against the restoration of your freedoms, your TRUE government, and your TRUE courts or demand a return to our current dictatorship, communism and ABUSE? This nation has not had a TRUE government and TRUE court system for many years - since even before 1933 - so we have not experienced what we should have. There will be a big learning curve - are you ready for it? Will you welcome the return of our TRUE government and TRUE courts? Or complain complain complain and fight it and the good people - like Anna - who are working diligently to restore it for our benefit? We have allot to learn. Let's work together with those working to help us and appreciate them and what they are trying their best to teach us. First you have to learn what is wrong before you can understand the need to change to what is right.

    4. Your response sounds like someone who just sits around, does nothing, and whines about the system. I have learned more than you ever will because I have been standing up against this system for years, imprisoned by it, and fully understand it. You don't learn by reading blogs and listening to gurus. I have proven several things fake judge anna has said to be totally wrong, and nobody has contradicted what I have said (Have you?). Some of her rhetoric is true, some is not. LEARN TO READ AND EXPERIENCE for yourself, because nobody can do it for you. So until you or she can PROVE what she said is true (and much of it is not), then as I said at that time I will support her wholeheartedly. And by the way, the court system has been fully exposed, years ago. That is nothing new. The question is WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW? Not when it is exposed in the future, because it was exposed many years ago.

  2. It is a sad day when you can put your own self above another. Forget everything Anna has and is trying to do FOR YOU, put your pride aside and let your humanity show through and help this fellow human being. Regardless of whether or not anything he is doing or has done has helped your selfish ass in any way, he is still a human being and someone has asked for help. I for one will be donating to this cause. I can't do much, but I can do *something*.

    1. Dittos 1000 times. If anyone has actually put some real truth on the table, it has been Anna. I have a good friend that is brilliant, very well educated and has been battling this corrupt system for years with the truth, but the dumbing down of this so called country has been such a total success, it is almost impossible to wake the sheeple up. The ignorance and especially the apathy is staggering among today's generation. It's not the real corporate criminals that are scary, it's the stupid sheeple that refuse to wake up.

      " The commotion of the truth is in direct proportion to the lie that has been fed to the masses long enough that the truth is totally ludicrous and its speaker is a raving lunatic." Desdon James

      "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick and twisted society." Jiddu Krishnamurti

      Thank you Anna for all of your time, effort and sacrifices to try and educate us dummies some reality and truth about who we really are and where we really stand and we all better start taking a stand before we have nothing to stand upon.

  3. Anna fans, you are not answering the original question, repeated below:

    AnonymousApril 26, 2017 at 10:18 PM

    I will gladly open my pocketbook when you can prove what you are doing is accomplishing anything, e.g., any court that has recognized the law you espouse. Otherwise, you are taking money as fraudulently as the corporate government.

    What has Anna accomplished for anyone else?
    Who were those thousands of people for whom she stopped foreclosures?

    Has she ever won in court?


    1. Anna, I KNOW that you helped people. Maybe you can ask their permission to give evidence of this. Most of us love you!

  4. If your associate is experiencing problems with heart failure,tell them to immediately start taking CoQ10 for their heart. This is a natural substance that the body makes and if yours is low,it causes heart failure. If John would have taken this, he might still be alive today. Whenever anyone goes to the hospital, better make sure they have a 24/7 watch vigil going so they don't get bumped off...

  5. hello...the best report I've ever seen by Judge Anna is titled "what does Anna want" and
    it has been removed from the archives sidebar so that people cannot find it or read it. Look it up as what does anna want nesaranews.blogspot as it is in search engine